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Law Help BD is a website for common people to spread legal knowledge, but we do not necessarily brand it as a Blog or Law Review nor we are willing to be a news site or tutorial site, rather this a place or Platform for law Law Enthusiast people. It is covering a wide range of topic in a multidisciplinary way. We choose to be the hub to connect each other with their expertise and well wishes to help others. This is a place where the diversity will embrace the limitless but that does not mean we allow everything. Our Editorial Board and Honorable Advisors shall decide what to publish (and keep) and what not to.

Law Hellp BD Logo

It is not a blog because you can not just share anything you want, but you have your freedom to write on any legal topic or on any related topic; Social, political, psychological matter (that has a real relationship with the society or policymaking)

It is not a law review because we don’t ask for research for publication but it must be remembered the Articles/ write-ups must have a certain level of maturity and originality. Our editorial board is also very friendly and shall help you to publish your write-ups.

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