Community Law Reforms (CLR)

CLR is a research oriented program. The program results in a detailed and authentic research publication about indigenous, tribal or anydeprived community reflecting their legal and non-legal problems and with recommendations for their empowerment by way of resolving their problems and by bringing them alongside the mainstream population. CLR also identifies and trains potential community leaders as part of their capacity building.


Objectives of CLR

  1. To identify the legal grievances of the minorities;
  2. To suggest specific measures whereby deprivations and grievances may, as far as practicable, be remedied by effecting reforms of the existing customary and legal framework of each of the communities;
  3. To create a group of potential motivators and community leaders.

Achievement Targets

CLR produces 15 potential community leaders annually by way of training and dissemination of information. It also publishes at least one research paper depicting the overall scenario of a specific community every year.

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