Short Course on Peace, Human Rights and International Law

Call for Applications

 DPCW Handbook Project

Short Course on Peace, Human Rights and International Law

Empowerment through Law of the Common People (ELCOP) is back again with some activities. We could not arrange the Human Rights Summer School (HRSS) this year due to Covid-19 pandemic. So what? We are being engaged with a short project called “DPCW Handbook Project” in collaboration with Heavenly Culture, World Peace, Restoration of Light (HWPL), an international peace organization, based in South Korea. DPCW stands for Declaration of Peace and Cessation of War which contains the principle of international law on peace and human rights. We solicit applications from senior law students (3rd year, 4th year and LLM) of Bangladesh and beyond to attend the course.

■ Purpose: 

 After the completion of the project/course, the participants:

  1. will comprehend the value of peace and human rights;
  2. develop an analytical ability to examine international law relating to peace and human rights;
  3. craft the art of making a presentation on an online platform;
  4. learn how to work in a group environment under the supervision of a mentor/professor.

■ Operation:

The whole program, a collaboration of HWPL-ELCOP, will be held in Zoom Platform. The organizers will provide the zoom links as per the schedule.

■ Project/Course Period: 

The whole duration of the program is 5 months. There will be 1.5 to 2-hour sessions fortnightly (once in every two weeks). It means that there will 10 classes in 5 months.

■ Participants: 

There will be 20 participants in total. The participants will be divided into 5 groups having 4 members in each group. Each group will be given a name. Each group will be placed under a law academic/lawyer of recognised competence. Participants applying for the program should make sure that they can commit for some 6 hours in two weeks [i.e. 1.5 hours for the fortnightly formal online session + roughly some 4.5 hours for reading, discussing and making slides on a given topic].

■ Involvement and Method

The Declaration of Peace and Cessation of Wars (DPCW) will be the main reading material for the program. The DPCW, a Declaration likening the UN Charter, has been drafted by international law scholars of different countries and holds the potential to be recognised by the United Nations in future. The DPCW has 10 Articles having laid down the principles of international law on peace, democracy, cessation of war and human rights.  In the whole duration of the 5 months’ program, there will be 10 classes on the themes of 10 individual articles enshrined in the DPCW.  In the Handbook, there are scholarly comments followed by questions on each article. Chronologically, each article will be the subject matter of a fortnightly session. For example, the first session will be on the success/failure of the UN Charter, and the validity of the use of force under international law.  In this way, the 10 sessions spreading over 5 months will focus on 10 themes/questions discussed in the DPCW.  The DPCW and other materials (if any) will be provided to the participants and their mentors in advance. The groups will present their findings in the fortnightly session and will receive comments and feedback from the experts. The details modus operandi of sessions will be briefed to the selected participants before the course begins.

■ Selection of Participants

In consultation with HWPL, ELCOP will select the participants from the applications received. You can apply to be a participant, if:

  • you are a law student (3rd/4th Year LLB Honors or LLM) from any university of Bangladesh and in South Asia;
  • you have already completed international law, human rights and constitutional law subjects in your study;
  • if you have technological support and time commitment.

■ Benefit: 

Certificate [signed by head of HWPL Western Busan Branch -ELCOP ED].

Excellence Award [for the best performer]

Opportunity to take part in future ELCOP_HWPL activities

Work with law academics/experts of international repute


■ How to Apply: 

Sent the following documents to with a cover letter explaining your interests and motivation:

–A one-page CV

–A short Statement of Purpose

All these three documents should be sent in a single PDF document. No fees/charges apply for the course. However, HWPL and ELCOP believes in professionalism, and hope, once enrolled, the participants will take every care to turn “excuses” into “opportunities”.

■ Key Dates

Last Date of Application: 12 November 2020

Selection Outcome: 14 November 2020

Opening Briefing: 15 November 2020

Class Starts: 29 November 2020

*Specific session schedule for 5 months will be discussed together with ELCOP, HWPL and students. For further queries: Psyche Rahman Nion, call 01737011113 or email:


Tapas Kanti Baul, Bar-at-Law, Executive Director, ELCOP (email: )

S M Masum Billah, (PhD, VUW) Assoc. Professor of Law Jagannath University (email:

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