CFP: ELCOP Journal on Human Rights 2024

ELCOP Journal on Human Rights

Theme: Human Rights in a Multipolar World,

23rd Human Rights Summer School (HRSS)



Empowerment through Law of the Common People (ELCOP) is inviting unpublished original papers for the ELCOP Journal on Human Rights aligning with theme of the 23rd Human Rights Summer School (HRSS) i.e., Human Rights in Multipolar World.

Prologue to the 23rd HRSS Publication

The concept of the existence of one single world and reality as the ultimate “truth” is a myth. In the epoch of multipolar world, the growing economic and political influence of Asian, African, Middle Eastern, and Latin American nations is challenging the Western hegemony in world order. Countries which are global flagbearers of human rights are allegedly supporting commission of genocide. North-South division regarding Ukraine and Palestinian humanitarian crisis seems all time high. The actions and stances of global powers such as the USA and its western allies further underscore the variety of realities at play. While condemning atrocities in some regions like Myanmar and Ukraine, the same countries are lending support to gross human rights violations in Palestine, also justifying Israel’s action under the banner of self-defense.

The discrepancy in response reflects the complex interplay of geopolitical interests and west centric interpretations of justice on the global stage. It further emphasized the plurality of perspectives within our interconnected world. This situation has also necessitated the emergence of a non-Western perspective on Human Rights.

In the 23rd HRSS we would like to highlight both, macro and micro dynamics of the theme “Human Rights in a Multipolar World”. Authors may find the following topics (not an exhaustive list) relevant with the theme for their scholarly contribution in ELCOP Journal on Human Rights (EJHR).


  1. Human rights, cultural diversity, cultural relativism and multiculturalism
  2. Challenges of statehood, sovereignty, self-determination and global governance in a multipolar world
  3. Imperialism, neocolonialism, coloniality in multipolar world and impact on human rights
  4. Decolonizing human rights education: what does it mean in a multipolar world?
  5. Politics at international, regional and domestic level in a multipolar world – what role does human rights law play?
  6. Challenges for environmentalism and sustainable development in a multipolar world
  7. Navigating legal pluralism in a multipolar world
  8. Power, conflict and global politics in a multipolar context
  9. Intervention and sanction by global powers in a multipolar world
  10. Multipolar world, economic and trade policies, and human rights




Submission Deadline and Rules:

1.Please send an abstract of paper in no more than 500 words via this email address: [email protected]

2.Write “Submission for ELCOP Journal on Human Rights” as subject of your email. The deadline for sending this abstract is 11:59 pm (Bangladesh ‌local time) on 30th April 2024.

3.By May 10, the evaluation of the review committee of the proposals will be announced to their presenters.

4.Authors of accepted proposals will submit the full text of their papers in electronic form (.doc/.docx) as an email attachment or cloud link to [email protected] by 11:59 pm (Bangladesh ‌local time) on 15th June 2024.

All submissions should be accompanied by a statement that the material is not under consideration elsewhere.

Word limit:

The paper should be written in between 5000-8000 words including footnotes.

Presentation and Style Information:

The authors are instructed to follow the Oxford Standard for Citation of Legal Authorities (OSCOLA) referencing Style. Footnotes to the title and author(s)’ names should be designated as *, † and should include author’s institutional position and affiliation, and contact. Footnotes to the text should be designated as 1, 2, 3.


ELCOP will hold the exclusive license and copyright of all published materials including the right to reproduce and/or disseminate the author’s contribution or elements of it (e.g. abstract, meta data). In signing the license, the authors retain the right to use their own material and ELCOP asks that HRSS Publication is acknowledged as the original place of publication.



Questions and clarifications may be addressed to:


Tapas Kanti Baul, Barrister-at-Law

Executive Director

Empowerment through Law of the Common People (ELCOP)

Email: [email protected]