Training course on Capacity building for lawyers on national Freedom of Religion or Belief (FoRB) remedies

Call for application: Join the Training course on Capacity building for lawyers on national Freedom of Religion or Belief (FoRB) remedies

Training on Capacity building for lawyers on national Freedom of Religion or Belief (FoRB) remedies.
Training By: Empowerment through Law of the Common People (ELCOP).
Platform: Online. (Zoom)
Date: 23rd April 2021
Time: 5hrs-10hrs (Approx.) per day, two days a week, for four weeks.
Exam: One examination after the training.
Application deadline: 22nd April 2021
Training duration: 8 days.
Target group: Activist/Human Rights Defender, Lawyer, NGO workers, Academician (who are working on FoRB).

Description of the Programme:

Empowerment through Law of the Common People (ELCOP) is organizing a training on Capacity Building for Lawyers on National Freedom of Religion or Belief (FoRB) Remedies.

Religious intolerance is increasing in Bangladesh. Lawyers need information about what to do. Often FoRB is confused with minority rights. The project is required because there is no platform for FoRB. The objective of this training is to connect a network between lawyers, academics and activists and to strengthen access to justice for victims of FoRB violations by equipping and supporting lawyers, human rights organizations and faith-based actors to promote FoRB and defend victims.

The training will:

  • Focus on the existing human rights law including FoRB, religious minority rights, gender equality from the perspective of national and international laws.
  • Equip participants with comprehensive understanding of freedom of religion or belief.
  • Enhance capacities of participants to carry out activities on any type of issues regarding FoRB.
  • Equip participants with necessary methodological tools to develop a deep knowledge on FoRB based on national and international aspects.
  • Focus on how to apply the existing laws in a case.
  • Focus on country-wide network, which will benefit the participants and the victims of FoRB violation.
  • Have a rippling effect within the communities that participants are coming from.
  • Benefits to the victims. When the victims will understand the difference in the quality of the service they are receiving, they will refer other people to those who are trained through this project.

About ELCOP:  Empowerment Through Law of the Common People (ELCOP) is a voluntary, non-profitable, non-political, non-governmental human rights education, research and training organization dedicated to the common people of Bangladesh. ELCOP is embracing communities for democracy, justice and empowerment through action and participation.

ELCOP’s Objectives: ELCOP aims at achieving the following objectives:

  • Provide people with specific legal information, making them conscious of their rights and duties;
  • Improve understanding of basic norms and values underlying democracy in the society;
  • Foster justice, tolerance, fairness and transparency in the society;
  • Contribute effectively to bringing up the marginalized sections of our society and to their empowerment;
  • Involve the students and the teachers of law in promoting legal awareness in order to impact the process of institutionalization of democracy.

The dominant feature of ELCOP is that it is administered and managed by the law students and teachers of different universities of Bangladesh. It also involves those legal experts in its activities who are concerned, have commitment and are competent enough to deal with human rights and empowerment issues.

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